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About Us

Welcome to the Public Space Network

 A dedicated organization with an unwavering commitment to nurturing a rejuvenated Nairobi. Our mission is rooted in fostering a city that embodies cleanliness, verdant beauty, enhanced security, and, above all, inclusivity. This vision comes to life through our transformative efforts focused on revitalizing Nairobi's public spaces.

At the core of our mission is the belief that vibrant public spaces are not just a reflection of a city's character, but also play a pivotal role in fostering community cohesion, cultural expression, and economic vitality. By harnessing the power of collaboration and innovative urban planning, we aim to breathe new life into every corner of Nairobi, ensuring that each public space becomes a testimony to our collective dedication to a better urban life.

Recognized and registered under Kenya's Societies Act, we operate under the legal name Society for Promotion of Clean, Green, and Safe Cities. Our multifaceted approach encompasses advocacy, community engagement, sustainable design, and the implementation of projects that transcend mere functionality, transforming public spaces into thriving centers of inspiration, interaction and empowerment.

Join us in our journey as we work tirelessly to shape a Nairobi that not only embraces its past but also envisions a harmonious, inclusive, and sustainable future for all.

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To improve the quality of life for all Nairobians and make Nairobi a world-class city, by creating clean, safe, healthy, inclusive, vibrant and connected public spaces.


Public Space Network facilitates a conducive setting for community-led initiatives aimed at scaling up public space regeneration projects. By bridging community groups with essential stakeholders, PSN fosters a sustainable, city-wide approach to public space management through a collaborative Public-Private-People Partnership model.


Community-Centric Transformation

Empower communities to lead the revitalization and management of public spaces, fostering inclusivity and vibrancy.

Benefits Awareness and Policy Influence

Raise awareness of the myriad advantages stemming from vibrant public spaces and work to shape policies that prioritize community engagement.

Collaborative Management and Advocacy

Promote partnerships among public, private, and community stakeholders for effective oversight of public spaces while advocating for supportive policies.

Youth Empowerment and Urban Movement

Create avenues for youth employment through space regeneration, catalyzing a city-wide movement steered by community placemakers to enhance urban living.


  • Elevated aesthetics and ambiance within public spaces.

  • Enhanced safety and security throughout public areas.

  • Improved health outcomes and increased well-being.

  • Expanded employment prospects for youth.

  • Fostering a dynamic outdoor social community.

  • Holistic enrichment of quality of life and dignity for the people of Nairobi.

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