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We are creating a new Dandora that is clean, green, safe, healthy and funky place to live with jobs for the youth.

PAWA espouses the belief that a better Kenya can be realised. Therefore, as a movement of young social conscious artists and activists, we audaciously follow our hearts in the hope of seeing a better country. As an empowered, informed and active movement of young citizens, we boldly contribute to shaping of our nation’s socio-economic and political landscape, leaving our mark on the pages of history. Since inception, we have made considerable impact on the fabric of our society through the use of our bold, artistic expression to advocate for the rights and responsibilities of Kenyans and against social and political vices. Our work has resulted in the growth of highly skilled artivists and the movement of active, freethinking youth, in and beyond our immediate location.

Established in 1967, the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) is Kenya’s leading Association for professionals in the built and natural environment in Kenya incorporating Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Environmental Design Consultants and Construction Project Managers.

The Association is registered under the Societies Act and brings together professionals from the Private Sector, Public Sector and Academia. The Association also acts as a link between professionals and stakeholders in the construction industry: Including policy makers, manufacturers, real estate developers and financial institutions.

We believe Afrikan designers should be at the forefront of solving problems in Afrika. Throughout the year we connect, curate and create Afrikan design in order to strengthen the industry. Our mission is to highlight the importance of all design disciplines and their impact on economic, social, cultural and environmental development. By sharing, collaborating and learning together with our community, we are creating business, employment, and education opportunities in design. Nairobi Design Week is an annual festival that celebrates this spirit and these partnerships, through a series of events and projects.

“You can avoid paintings, you can avoid music, and you can even avoid history. But good luck getting away from architecture” (Phillippe Daverio)

(ASF) is an independent network of design not for profit organisations concerned with social justice, the cultural and environmental aspects of architecture and the conservation of the human and physical heritage aspects of the built environment.

Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group is a community based self help group based in Mathare, Mlango in Nairobi.

This is an event that takes place every first sunday of the month from 10:00am to 6:00pm at umoja 2 basketball,dance and sports are showcased.

Garden of Hope Foundation is a faith-based community organization that is passionate about restoring hope through providing mentorship, leadership, and youth empowerment.


Botanics Tech was born in 2015 as a corporate landscaping business but in 2016 the founder Ms. Karimi Kimathi transformed its mandate to be a social enterprise directing the business's skills and resources towards social entrepreneurship with a focus on using landscaping to transform Nairobi's public spaces.

Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) is a National Disabled Persons Organization (DPO) working at all levels of community with the involvement of persons with disabilities to bring about positive change. We were founded by and for children and youth with disabilities in Kenya.

We are a vibrant, creative, transformation space with a sense of belonging to anyone who wants to be equipped, grow and network in the Arts, Tech & Entrepreneurship. Our Program’s objectives are to provide a safe space for youths to share experiences, stories and to create a conducive environment with tools and resources that will enhance youth ideas, dreams and aspirations.

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