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As a continuation of the partnership between PSN and Dreamtown, this project was aimed exploring entrepreneurship as a mode through which public spaces may be sustainably maintained. The Sustainable Transformation through Entrepreneurship of Public Spaces - STEPS - Project entailed equipping youth groups with business skills and providing them with grants to host sustainable income generating activities in the park. Through this project, our teams have sharpened their business acumen, expanded community engagement, and forged stronger relationships among themselves.


Dandora Community Park

This is a child-friendly public space hosted in the Dandora wayleave park. In this park, funfair activities are held every weekend that include a bouncing castle and trampoline, purchased with the grant given to the Dandora Community Park management team. Schools in the area have also partnered with the management team to use the park for their curricular activities that include sports and urban farming.

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Komb Green Car Wash

This income generating activity was started in 2016 as a means of keeping young men out of criminal activity. Several youth have benefitted from it including those released from custodial sentences. Through the STEPS project, the Komb Green team expanded operations by purchasing an additional machine and water storage tank.

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Historical Kamukunji Park

The children of Kamukunji have everything to smile about with the introduction of a funpark in their neighbourhood. The KECC team identified a dire need for children’s play equipment within their area and sought to meet it with their income generating activity. The children are now all the more motivated to come and participate in keeping the park clean and organised over the weekends.

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