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Transformative journey toward vibrant, sustainable public spaces.

The STEPS Program, standing for Sustainable Transformation Through Entrepreneurship for Public Spaces, is a visionary initiative dedicated to the sustainable upkeep and evolution of our cherished public spaces.


Our Core Objectives

Empowerment Through Business Skills

We believe in equipping communities with the essential business skills required to manage and operate profitable ventures within public spaces. From financial acumen to entrepreneurial strategies, we provide the knowledge needed for sustainable success.

Grant Opportunities

In certain cases, we provide grants to communities, eliminating barriers to entry for their entrepreneurial endeavors within public spaces. These grants offer a kickstart to help turn their dreams into reality.

Cultivating Economic Sustainability

Public spaces should not just be maintained but thrive as centers of economic activity. STEPS is committed to transforming these spaces into hubs of entrepreneurship, ensuring the economic growth of the communities they serve.

Empowered Communities

A community that not only values its public spaces but also boasts knowledgeable entrepreneurs capable of managing thriving ventures within them.


The STEPS Program invites you to be a part of this transformative journey toward vibrant, sustainable public spaces. Together, we're not just maintaining these spaces; we're nurturing them into sustainable, flourishing hubs that enrich the lives of our entire city.

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